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Pornhub - Droga5’s “young shits” 1st place

How do we get men to do something about sexual harassment? First, you reach them where their eyes are already looking. Next, you make them realize that unless they learn how to be respectful, they’ll never get a woman. All they will have is porn.



For one day, we replace all of the videos on Pornhub's homepage with more appropriately titled ones.

Don't worry, your video will load afterwards.


psa video

Additionally, viewers will be interrupted in the middle of their video, with a message from Pornhub. 

Who doesn't love a good climax?



To spread the message to the less-avid Pornhubbers, we'll place print ads in various subway stations 

and bus stops, leading them to


pornhub x time’s up website

Congrats fellas! Pornhub’s donating on your behalf, so you're doing your part just by watching videos.

Want some Pornhub premium account discounts? All you've got to do is donate yourself to the Time's Up Legal Defense Fund.


press coverage

Because who wouldn't be talking about this?